Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just Say No to Snow

Please, God, don't let it snow! I want to go to yoga tomorrow morning!

They're calling for snow here in our lovely little city. The hysteria has begun. Guess if I am snowed in, it's yoga at home, which is never fun when your Doberman decides to lick your ear or get under you while in Downward Facing Dog. Hey, I don't bother him when he's doing is Downward/Upward vinyasa!

Gone Bananas
While we're talking snow, I went by the grocery store tonight...cupboards were totally bare since I've been in yoga teacher training the last six days. I fully expected to see the bread and milk wiped out, because, you know, when it snows in the South, it lasts forever (wink, wink). But dude, NO BANANAS? What the? What, now a wintry mix means a run on bananas? I will never understand this city, even if I love it.

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