Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Sport of Fashion

Since I'm spending a lot of time in athletic wear these days, between yoga, weight-lifting, and power walking with my dog, the style of my "after-school" and weekend clothes has changed significantly. Used to be that I wouldn't be caught dead in a flat shoe. Used to be that I would dress to the nines for everything. But now that I'm either going to or coming from some athletic endeavor most days, it's a no-brainer that the sport look would eventually seep into my current style (which is actually a good thing, because now that I'm wearing heels a lot less I might not be a total gimp at 50, hobbling around on my stiletto-busted feet).

But I digress.

Not that it really matters, but one fashion trend for Spring 2007 is a sport-influenced look. I'm glad for that, not because it deems activewear outside the gym "acceptable," but because it gives me more ideas on how to blend sport pieces into my casualwear. The February 2007 issue of Bazaar magazine covers this (page 114, "Go Sport: The athlete is the role model of the moment") and references runway looks by Marni (and a $3,960 revamped nylon Prada backpack...are they out of their minds?!!!).

Photo on right: Look from the Marni Spring 2007 show by Marcio Madeira. also highlights the trend—see the Get Sporty Trend Report. Marni is actually doing what, Y-3, a design/production partership between Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, has been doing for a while: very chic, athletic-look city wear. It's just nice to see more shows with real-world looks—totally accessible fashion for the less adventurous, though I don't fall into that category. I absolutely appreciate the art of fashion shows, but when it comes down to it, I'm looking for inspiration, ideas I can acutally use, and clothes I can actually wear. This trend is practical and a breath of fresh air. So now we have no excuse for not looking good as we schlep from yoga to the grocery store, or from the gym to the mall!

Photo on left: Look from the Y-3 Spring 2007 show by Marcio Madeira.

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