Sunday, January 7, 2007

Tried and True

Is paying more for gear that promises "high-performance" because of its "sweat-wicking" technology worth it? I say yes.

I recently purchased this outfit from (one of my favorite sites for really good-looking athletic wear) and while it is pretty cute on, I can tell you that after a recent two-hour Vinyasa class done at about 90 degrees farenheit, Nike's claims are bonafide. As I stood in Eagle pose with sweat literally dripping off the ends of my elbows, my pants showed no embarassing sweat rings, and my top stayed in place, which allowed me to concentrate on holding the pose instead of fidgeting with my clothes. Nothing worse than that. Of course, no matter how comfy some things seem in the dressing room, it's not until you get on your mat that you really know how your clothing is going to hold up.

Featured: Nike Shibuya Bodywear Top and Rebel Capri.

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