Friday, January 26, 2007

Yoga Teacher Training, Day 2, Module 1

Wow. Today was illuminating in so many ways!

We had a very challenging practice, continued studying floor poses, did a 20-minute practice teaching session, and watched a phenomenal DVD called Anatomy for Yoga. The DVD covered the eight major joints, and how skeletal compression (bone against bone) and tissue tension affect our yoga practice. I'm sure some of what was covered is fairly obvious to most people, but it totally redefined the meaning of "physical limitation" for me. I have a totally new perspective on my own practice as a result, and should I actually teach, it has forever altered the way I would I view a student's capabilities. An excellent, excellent DVD.

Playing Teacher
Man, it is HARD to try to sequence and teach for just 15 minutes—even if you've done the postures hundreds of times. I was paired up with Lauren, who already teaches to some degree, and she's just so good at it. Then you also have a teacher like Dolly who makes it seem effortless.

For me, it was like getting up to make a speech and forgetting the words. It's going to take me a lot of practice to get to the point where I could actually teach a class. I do plan to practice with my workout partner (as long as she'll let me) and my sister-in-law and others til I get comfortable enough to progress further. There is just so much to remember in sequencing and so many other elements to consider (time holding poses, breathing, assisting)—honestly, it is completely overwhelming for me now. I know I will eventually get it, but not without a hell of a lot of practice!

Our Practice Today
Mmm. It was heart-thumping, gut-busting, thigh-shaking good! Typically Dolly class, only longer (two hours), with the best Savasana ever! We did some serious hip opening, and I can't lie...I was on the edge and really struggling at several points. In my head I was begging for it to be over. And my balance was way off— c'est la vie, right? But Dolly is so kind, so good, you almost want to be able to do it just for her. She definitely brings out the very best in you.

Now lets get to Savasana. Yesterday, Dolly brought and played her "singing bowl"—a 16-inch, lead crystal bowl that not only gongs/chimes, but creates the most beautiful vibration I've ever heard. It was amazing, for sure, and an experience I've never had, but would love to incorporate into my teaching should I decide to go that far.

Today's Savasana was not extraordinary on the level of the singing bowl, but after a serious yoga practice, one final touch sealed the deal for me. Dolly placed a flat stone that had been refrigerated and sprayed with a little lavender on the third eye chakra. The cooling sensation and weight of the stone just put me right out. I actually started dreaming! It was just so wonderful. I can't put into words what it feels like to be in that state, but when you hit it, it just rocks.

Photos from Day 2
From left-to-right, first photo: Dolly, Greg, Marge. Second photo: Lauren and Amber. Third photo: Greg and Marge again, and me!

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