Thursday, February 1, 2007

Snow! And Snow (Yoga) Fashion did snow today, but I still got myself to yoga (woo hoo!), then came out of Savasana to a winter wonderland. I like our kind of snow. It's never here more than a couple days. Just enough to love it.

Brrr...Stay Toasty and Stylish
Dressing for yoga when it's freezing outside can be a challenge. Sometimes we get to class and it's still freezing inside, instead of the usual 80 to 85 degrees it should be. So you can't strip down to your class outfit just yet. The key to dressing for wintertime yoga is lots of layers. has some lovely Ts and hoodies that are excellent for layering. I love these tops!:

For Ugg-mazingly Warm Tootsies
I have a confession: When the Ugg phenomenon swept California, I'm sure they could hear my "Ugh!" all the way over on the West Coast. I just hated these sloppy looking boots. I now stand corrected, and understand exactly why the were all the rage, and why you still see them everywhere. They're perfect for going to yoga, especially when it's cold out—easy to slip on and off. Mind you, they're not waterproof, but they'll get a city girl into the studio dry and warm. At the moment I have some Ugg knockoffs I love, but they're a bit short for capri-length pants. I've got my eye on the Ugg Women's Ultimate Tall II Boot—they look like they might be exactly the right height.

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