Tuesday, February 27, 2007


After a day like today, I really need to celebrate even a small victory. I'm in class this morning, and we do our thing, standing postures and balances, lots of good heat. We hit the floor and start doing hip openers and stretches and we get the cue to work splits, if we can. I've made strides in the split department, but it's been slow moving.

So, I keep inching down, slowly, carefully, then inching down more, then a little more, and then much to my surprise because I never expected it, I was in a full split with my right leg forward! I wasn't able to get all the way down with my left leg forward, but I was so chuffed it really didn't matter. Obviously a regular practice in which you play your edge helps you to advance. But I am finding that the less I set "goals" for myself in yoga, the more progress I seem to make. It was a good feeling to have crossed that threshold.

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