Sunday, March 18, 2007

No Yoga, No Like!

It's been three days since my last practice and I already feel like an underachiever. This Patellofemoral crap really bites (for full details behind this, see my Aging Sucks blog). I'm trying to rest my knees on the weekends by not doing any yoga, lower body weight training, or serious cardio—of course, dancing til the wee hours last night didn't help. I already hate it, and I have at least a good four weeks of this ahead of me. I know I'm whining, but I feel like a lazy slug without a little yoga on the weekends.

I'm terrified that I'm going to regress in my yoga progress. I know it will come back, but while I'm resting, so are the pounds! I've gotten used to eating more since I've been so active, but I'm going to have to scale back on that as well, and that may well be the hardest part of all of this, given that I love food, love to eat, and thanks to my Greek heritage, I love to eat a lot of food at one sitting. I don't like the way I feel now, and since I saw the doc last week, I've had a busy weekend that required a lot of standing and walking, so this first weekend of rest was anything but. Which means my knees still hurt, and I'm not making any headway.

Yoga is all knees when you get right down to it.
I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to really modify my practice when yoga is practically all knee bending, weight-bearing postures: Crescent Lunge, the Warriors, Chair, Side Angle, and Eagle—yoga staples—are all awful for bad knees (if you've been told not to put weight on your bent knee). And even some floorwork like Lotus, Pigeon, Camel, and Hero can seriously aggravate inflamed or sensitive knees. So if my knees don't start to feel better with a modified practice, I'm afraid I'll have to stop completely for six weeks, which is about the shortest amount of time it takes to rehab Runner's Knee. I can't even fathom that.

If anyone out there has suggestions about dealing with Runner's Knee while trying to maintain a regular practice, I'm all ears!

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