Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tried-n-True: Lily Lotus Om Karma Cargo Pant

I originally bought these pants from Asana Activewear (for the studded OM, of course!) thinking they'd be supercute for lounging around or running errands. But after lounging 'round in them two or three times and seeing not only how comfy they are, but how they retain their shape, I thought, hey, I think I can actually practice in these! And so I did.

The verdict? My new favorite pants for yoga! And home! With boots! Without! You know how sometimes you buy pants for practice and practice in them, and they aren't what you thought they'd be? Well, these were brilliant in annoying seams, no bagging in the knees or seat. I walked into class and walked out in them still looking and feeling good. Two big thumbs up from me! And now that I've discovered a similar style from Lily Lotus, I think I'm going to buy those too.

Sidenote on Lily Lotus: I love, love, love this line. It's modern, edgy yoga wear. You could definitely wear it to class or just out and about and look fantastic. Selection is pared down, but crazysexycool.


Suz said...

Thanks for the recommendation! It's simply impossible to know ahead of time (i.e. before buying) whether pants will work during practice..

And I love your blog(s)..just discovered it/them the other day!

V said...

Thanks, Suz! Glad you're enjoying my blog!